Flower Festival
June 2016



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Linda Aves


Kate Rose

Donkey Sanctury

Linda Aves


East Anglian Air Ambulance

Barbara Friend

Breast Cancer Awareness

Debbie Ashford

Royal British Legion

Kate Rose


Royal British Legion

Kate Rose

Butterfly Conservation

Marion Worby

Jean Denney



World Wildlife Trust

Barbara Friend

Guide Dogs & Born Free Foundation

Angela Goddard

British Heart Foundation

Elizabeth Stanford



Karen Warren

National Trust

Karen Calton


Elaine Geddis


Children in Need

Phyllis Flatman

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Sarah Holt-Wilson

Hillside Animal Turst

Jamine Batram (Age 8)


Dogs Trust

Jill Parker

Motor Neuron Disease Association

Linda Allsworth

Asthma UK



The Nave

Gt. Ormand Street Children's Hospital

Annette Abbott

The South Aisle