Flower Festival
June/July 2018

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THEME - 'Famous People'

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Sir A P McCoy

Linda Aves

Anita Roddick

Melanie Coe


Isabella Jones (Age 7)


Judy Garland

Alayna Guest


Alan Titchmarsh

Linda Aves


Claude Monet

Marion Worby



Torvill & Dean

Chris Clayton

Roger Federer

Barbara Friend

Edith Cavell

Kate Rose


Beatrix Potter

Megan Batram


Agatha Christie

Elizabeth Stanford


Robert & Agnes Badern-Powell

Greta Sturgeon

Emmeline Pankhurst

Karen Calton

Winston Churchill

Val Forge


David Attenborough

Jean Denney

Monty Don

Angela Goddard


Valentino Rossi

Gill Parker


Horatio Nelson

Linda Allsworth

William Shakespeare

Jasmin Batram

Bruce Forsyth

Claire Allsworth


Andrew Lloyd Webber

Karen Warren