Hinderclay Village


Bury and Norwich Post

June 25th 1915




Tidings have just come to hand regarding two local soldiers, and with regret we hear that one is seriously wounded and the other has been taken prisoner.


The young man who is wounded is Pte. George Abrey, who at the outbreak of war left the employment of Mr Smith, of Hinderclay Hall, to enlist in the 3rd Suffolks. Being an intelligent young man his course of training was of the briefest period, and a few months after enlistment he joined a draft for the front. He spent several lengths of time in the trenches, including a stretch of nine days. Upon the 9th of May his parents received a field service postcard stating that he was wounded, and upon the 11th of May he arrived in England, and was sent to a hospital at Cardiff, where it was thought he was recovering, but upon the 6th of June his mother received a letter to say complications had arisen, and his leg had been removed, and that he was upon the road to recovery. Pte. Abrey has two brothers serving in his Majesty’s Forces.


The soldier taken prisoner is Pte. Arthur Calton, a young married man, who re-enlisted at the outbreak of war. Pte. Calton had previously served several years in the Militia, and was a good shot. His stay in England was also very brief, and upon arrival at the front he went straight to the trenches. From that time little was heard of him, although some who were in the engagement wrote home saying that they believed he was killed. A little over a week ago his wife received a letter from him saying he was a prisoner of war, but was quite well. Pte. Calton has one brother serving in his Majesty’s Forces, and one has just been discharged as medically unfit. An elder brother lost his life during the South African War.